1. Organization structure

Total number of officers: 15 including:  01 Head of the department, 01 Deputy head,  03 group leaders and  experts.

2. Functions and duties

– Functions:

Advising, assisting the Rector, collecting, suggesting and deploying Rectors’ decisions in management task, teaching and learning at the college.

– Duties:

+ Developing  and implementing vocational training plans annually.;

+ Planning and implementing  the enrollment, testing, graduation recognition, awarding diplomas and certificates as prescribed;

+ Checking and urging the implementation of  teaching and learning routine;

+ Imlementing training beureau work.

+ Organizing and managing the library;

+ Perform other duties  assigned by the principal.

3. Contact us

Add:  A3 building , the Central Vocational College of Transport Number 2, Hong Thai commune, An Duong District, Hai Phong city.


Head:  0313602621; 0904290917;

Deputy head: 0906.259191;

Enrolment: 0313.225479.